School Improvement

Our Commitment to School Improvement

The Willow School is committed to continuous improvement. Each year the school creates a School Improvement Plan that identifies goals and objectives for the school year. The School Improvement Plan is discussed and created with the staff of the school along with the Board of Directors.

The School Improvement Plan includes:

  • Examination of the academic program
  • Professional development and staff training
  • Implementation of new programs
  • Specific grants the school may pursue

As a private school in Florida, Willow is in compliance with all state and county regulations. Additionally, the school is accredited with Advanc-ED as another commitment to our continuous improvement.

Accreditation includes an evaluation of the school’s policies and procedures as well as the academic programs we run as a private school. The accreditation agency is not specific to Florida but is a worldwide accrediting body, called Advanc-Ed. This organization evaluates both public and private schools ranging from elementary and middle schools to high schools and colleges.