Willow’s Philosophy

Vero Beach’s Best School Curriculum

Developing a child’s self-esteem and confidence is as important as developing his or her academic skills.  At The Willow School, we encourage this through creating a safe place for all children to succeed academically, a place where they can explore intellectually, socially and emotionally, building self-esteem, confidence and academic excellence.

At Willow rigorous academics are combined with projects and experiential activities tocreate the best school curriculumthat is both challenging and fun. We believe it is very important to help each student find success; for success is the root of self-esteem.

Through the course of an education at Willow, our students gain confidence in their abilities in problem solving and critical thinking, as well as in conflict resolution and teamwork. Our students think we provide the best school program and curriculum they have ever experienced. We view intellectual growth and character development as mutually dependent and of equal importance.

The Willow School philosophy is based on the belief that schools can be informal and individualized, yet still educate well. We believe that a quality education acknowledges the innate curiosity of children and their desire to understand and master their environment. Because children have different interests and learning styles, and because they progress at different rates, we take considerable care to tailor our program to the talents and needs of each child. This is how we create the best school curriculum possible.

The Four Pillars of Learning Excellence

The Willow School’s highly acclaimed academic program is aligned with the rigorous the Common Core Curriculum Standards.

Our academic approach is based on four essential pillars of learning excellence:

  • Experiential learning
  • Project based curriculum
  • Multi-age classrooms
  • Holistic approach

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