Parent Involvement

The Importance of Parents

Parenting successful children

Studies show that parent involvement in a child’s life and in their education is a primary contributor of success. At Willow we require four hours of volunteer work a month.

Our parents are active participants in their children’s learning. They value education and are committed to providing everything necessary for the children to be successful.

Parents help out at The Willow School in a myriad of ways:

  • They volunteer in the classrooms
  • Chaperone field trips
  • Help at school events
  • Coordinate fundraisers
  • Serve as Board members

Willow believes that parent involvement is vital in creating a successful educational relationship for each child. In fact, we see the relationship as a tripod which includes:

  • the school and staff
  • the child
  • the parents

In order for each of our students to excel and be successful, all three parts of the tripod need to be actively engaged.

Parents are a primary stake holder of our school and we look toward them both to support the school and our program as well as their child. We value our parents’ input and ask them throughout the year to formally and informally evaluate their child’s goals and progress at school along with evaluating our program and the job we are doing.

Parenting successful children is a commitment- a commitment of time, patience, understanding and love for children. This commitment, however, is so worth it, as we see everyday. When parents choose to truly commit to the success of their children, the results are remarkable. Children are indeed our future, and here at Willow, we believe they deserve the best so they may go out into the world and make a difference.

Parents are Partners

At our Vero Beach School

Willow is a community school made up of dedicated educators and committed families, where parents are partners first and foremost in their children’s education. Together we create a school that is an extension of home:

  • a nurturing, caring, and creative environment in which to learn and explore
  • a place where children are excited to come to each morning
  • a place where parents are as welcome as their children

Parents at the Willow School are encouraged to take an active role in supporting and working with us to provide a high-quality, consistent program for their children. Parents help create the school community and serve as teacher aides, fundraisers, and Board of Directors members.