Info Kit

Everything you need to know about Willow

Willow-K-8-brochure-1st-pageYou’ve just decided that private school may be the right choice for your child. Now, how do you decide which one?

Why Willow?

Willow has a unique approach. Our small school size creates an atmosphere of safety, bullying is virutally non-existent. Children are engaged in class where they thrive and excel. So will yours!

The Willow School packet gives you all the information to help you decide what’s right for your child.

  • How Willow Serves Gifted Childrenforming great adults
  • No FCAT…meaning no teaching to the test or test anxiety
  • Willow’s Unique Approach…providing education for the whole child
  • Application Process & Scholarship Information…giving you a clear understanding of how to apply for, and afford an outstanding education

Get your child ready to experience success with us. Download the facts about Willow, today. It may be the most important decision you will ever make!