Holisitic Approach

Educating the Whole Child

Willow offers a student-centered program that focuses on student’s strengths and aptitudes. Many educational models tend to value a limited range of knowledge that is force fed to students through reading or listening. The latest brain research shows, however, that true intelligence is multi-faceted and is best promoted by recognizing each student’s unique abilities.

Building on students’ strengths helps develop self-esteem and confidence, the necessary ingredients to maximizing learning potential. The Willow School approach produces student satisfaction and achievement instead of frustration and failure so commonly found in today’s system.

  • We address the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical needs of all our students.
  • Conflict resolution skills are taught at every grade level
  • All students are involved in community service projects
  • Every afternoon students have 30 minutes of PE
  • Students begin studying a foreign language in kindergarten
  • Drama, art and music are integrated into the curriculum and taught as individual subjects

Educating the Whole Child

The underlying foundation at Willow is a belief that learning should involve the whole child: academically, socially and emotionally. 

Through our multi-pronged approach, Willow students are provided not only with academic instruction but development of self-esteem, compassion and empathy, and an awareness of the world within and without.

Unlike some classrooms where students learn passively – memorizing lessons, listening to lectures, receiving information – we require active participation from our students. They ask questions and explore topics, gather and process information, and become part of the learning, teaching, discovering experience.