Endowment Fund

Endowment Fund

for Vero Beach’s best grade school

One of The Willow School’s future goals is to establish an endowment fund for the school. An endowment fund would help the school by providing a financial cushion enabling us to remain sustainable in the face of continued economic challenges.

Additionally, interest earned from the fund would provide needed scholarship money to local families who would like to send their children to one of Vero Beach’s best grade schools but are not able to afford it.

Many people ask, what is an endowment fund?

An endowment fund is a permanent fund (usually an investment account) that is set up by an institution and is used for a specific purpose. Typically, regular withdrawals from the invested capital are used for ongoing operations or other specified purposes such as scholarships or other projects. Endowment funds are often used by nonprofits, universities, hospitals, churches, even grade schools both in Vero Beach and across the country.

Endowment funds are usually funded by donations, which are tax deductible for donors. Because The Willow School is a 501 (c) 3 corporation, we are able to receive donations that are tax-deductible to our donors with the IRS.

To learn more about endowment funds, visit this link: More about endowment funds

Why support an endowment fund for Willow?

Studies show that education is the greatest indicator of future success and a quality grade school can make a huge difference. In fact recent studies have found that providing a solid educational foundation in the early years may be even more important than the college your child attends. Why? Think about education as if it were like building a house. A house is only as solid as its foundation. It is the same with children. If their early years provide them with a solid base of knowledge, skills and self-confidence, children are able to meet future demands in their lives – academically, socially, emotionally- with greater success.