Capital Campaign

Capital Campaign for our Future

at this Vero Beach PreK-8 School

Willow is now in its 12th year of operation and as the Board of Directors looks towards our future, it envisions Willow as having a permanent home in Vero Beach. We have recognized that a Kindergarten-Grade 8 school is an incredible model for education.

Our first step with capital projects has been to enhance our current location. To this
end, we have erected a permanent shade canopy for our outdoor classroom and seating area. This area is currently used as our eating area where all the children in grades K-8 congregate together to eat and play. Additionally, this area is used for afternoon class times such as art classes and for science experiments.

We have installed a new playground and playstructure for our youngest students.

As we continue to enhance our current Vero Beach campus, our eyes are always to the future to find Willow the perfect home to house our Kindergarten-Grade 8 school program. We envision that our school will continue to expand and that within the next few years we will have a waiting list beyond the 100 students which is the capacity of our current location.

Willow envisions creating a school designed and built to be a green school taking advantage of the many positive aspects of Florida living.

This site would have gardens and many other outdoor areas to both play and conduct classes. There would be a library, science labs and art spaces as well. If you are interested in learning more about Willow’s goals or helping us launch a capital campaign, please contact us.