to help support our school curriculum

Donating securities can be a simple and easy way for someone to help this non-profit school. These gifts act much as a cash donation does but with an added benefit. Donations of securities provide significant tax savings for the donor by avoiding capital-gains and other taxes. This is particularly true if the security has increased in value.

Plus, gifts are also tax-deductible at fair market value.

To learn more about donating stock, visit this website: securities donation guidelines

How does Willow use donations?

Willow uses donations in a variety of ways. We use the funds we receive to supplement our general operating expenses. This can include:

  • paying for specialists to work with our students
  • purchasing new equipment for the school
  • buying curriculum for our classrooms
  • enhancing our playground and outside areas

Alternatively, we can use the money for designated programs or projects as well. In the past we have received donations for specific items such as:

  • an LCD projector
  • school bus
  • furniture

Sometimes donors want to underwrite a designated school curriculum or program such funding our technology needs, helping to support our Spanish program or making a donation to pay for a child to attend the school for the academic year. The school enjoys collaborating with its donors and welcomes opportunities to discuss with interested funders what the school does as well as identifying current needs.

Willow offers a much needed service in our community. It provides a nurturing school environment in which children absolutely thrive. Time and time again, parents tell us that their children wake up early, eager to come to school and often times want to stay late because they love it here so much. Please consider helping us continue to make a difference in these children’s lives. Donate today.

Please contact our office or E-mail us for information about the stock transfer process. Our school classrooms in Vero Beach directly benefit from your generosity.