Gifts in Kind

Gifts in Kind

for Willow’s school program

Gifts In-Kind are donations that Willow receives of products, time and services. By law, gifts of time and services can be donated but are not eligible to receive a tax deduction. However, products given to the school may be acknowledged and each can be honored with a tax deduction of “fair market value.”

Willow relies on gifts In-Kind throughout our school year to help us with our program. We have many volunteers who donate their time and talents to support our school. In addition, we receive many products that help support both our daily school program as well as our fundraisers.

We currently receive gifts In-Kind in a myriad of ways that includes:

  • Buddies – We frequently have a crew of volunteers who work one-on-one with our students in reading and can provide extra help as well.
  • Helpers – Oftentimes volunteers enjoy working in the classroom helping to support the teacher in conducting a lesson.
  • Office work – This can include providing support with photocopying, filing, phone calls and other general office tasks.
  • Professional Services – We are grateful to currently receive donated accounting services, pro-bono legal counsel, construction help and more.
  • Fundraising efforts – Many volunteers have helped us create fabulous fundraisers for our Willow school program. Donations from professional party planners, caterers, sommeliers, and auctioneers have helped us create memorable events!
  • Errands– We have dedicated support who are happy to run errands for us around town.
  • Bags & Bubbly – We also receive many beautiful donations for our annual spring luncheon. These typically include: handbags, purses, jewelry, scarves, and other accessories.