to help support scholarships for gifted students in Vero Beach

Donations are the heart and soul of all non-profit corporations and Willow is no different. In order for this Vero Beach school to keep tuition affordable and offer scholarships, we rely on donations. We receive donations from friends and family of the school who live both near and far.

How does Willow use donations?

Willow uses donations in a variety of ways. We use the funds we receive to supplement our general operating expenses. This can include:

  • paying for specialists to come in and work with our students
  • purchasing new equipment for the school
  • buying curricular materials for our gifted school program

Alternatively, we can use the money for designated programs or projects as well. In the past we have received donations for specific items such as:

  • a keyboard
  • school bus
  • technology

Sometimes donors want to underwrite a program such as our music program for a school year or make a donation to provide a scholarship for a child to attend the school for free for the academic year. We have also received monies to help fund our gifted and regular education programs.

Like many non-profit corporations, Willow operates on a deficit budget requiring the school to fund raise. Each year we have been able to meet our school’s financial needs through local fundraisers here in Vero Beach as well as through nationwide campaigns educating people about the success Willow has in their gifted and regular education school.

Checks should be made payable to The Willow School and sent to:

The Willow School
950 43rd Avenue.
Vero Beach, Florida

If you wish to donate with Visa, MasterCard or American Express, please call our office.