Annual Giving

Annual Giving

for this private school in Vero Beach

What is Annual Giving?

Annual giving is a fundraising campaign that Willow conducts each year to solicit donations by mail from family and friends, both locally (Vero Beach) and out of state to all of our private school contacts.

Donations are an integral part of helping Willow remain a sustainable private school. Donations also help the school keep tuition affordable by helping us cover the gap between what the tuition is and what the actual costs of educating a child are.

Many Willow families are struggle to pay tuition and ask the school to help by providing supplemental scholarship money. Willow is able to do this in part from monies we raise by conducting an annual giving drive.

When letters go out to our families, friends and other potential donors, we include up to date information about the school that includes:

  • annual demographics about our student body
  • recent events and field trips
  • the school’s current short term goals and needs
  • a list of our many accomplishments
  • contact information

Our graduates are now in high school and college. Willow is proud that our private school has been able to see its graduates consistently rank in the top 10 of their high school classes and able to enter prestigious colleges of their choices.

In addition to soliciting donations with our annual giving letters, we also hope to educate people locally and nationwide about The Willow School and how this private school program is distinctly different from many others across the country. Our program has a proven track record and we see the difference our school makes to children every day.

If you would like to receive this mailing or you know someone who would, please contact our office or E-mail the name and address to our office.