Experiential Education

Experiential Learning-How fun is that?

What Makes Experiential Learning so Exciting and Effective?

  • It’s ACTIVE and engages all the senses
  • Brain research shows that using all the senses creates higher learning retention
  • It brings real life experiences into the classroom and makes learning fun
  • It is proven most effective for all types of learners

Willow School students spend much of each day embarking on purposeful, rigorous, hands-on learning that involves intellectual, service, and kinesthetic dimensions.

Experiential learning allows children to delve into subject matter in authentic ways. Rather than just talking or reading about a subject, children are immersed in content in as many ways as are possible (videos, field trips, music, arts, drama, food, projects) to enhance their understanding and knowledge.

Our curriculum embodies experiential learning which is stimulating and challenging and is designed to help children:

  • develop their innate ability to learn
  • communicate articulately
  • challenge themselves
  • develop higher order thinking skills
  • foster a love of learning

Consider Willow because our curriculum works!

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