Lovin’ the Technology

in our Vero Beach Private School Classrooms
All students in grades 3 – 8 are assigned a laptop computer for the school year to use in our private school classrooms. The primary use of computers is for:
  • Word processing
  • Internet research
  • Key board practice
  • Art and power point presentations

The following is a list of technology skills that each student masters by the time they complete middle school:

  • Identify and use functions for word processing such as: spell checker, electronic thesaurus and word counter
  • Understand the need for protection of software and hardware from computer viruses
  • Discriminate between ethical and unethical access to information stored on computers, servers, and the Intern
  • Identify terms related to computer-generated production (i.e. desktop publishing, clip art, hypertext, URL, multimedia, CD-ROM, scanners, camcorders)
  • Demonstrate effective use of Internet search skills including a variety of search engines and prioritizing queries while working in our private school classrooms here in Vero Beach
  • Correctly use the terms web site, search engine, and online database
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the evaluation of validity of materials obtained from the Internet
  • Identify the information necessary for a complete source citation (author, title, URL, date accessed, date of last revision)
  • Demonstrate basic functions of using electronic mail including attachments
  • Understand the need to protect personal information from electronic access
  • Understand and use safe practices when using communication devices in our private school classrooms