Environmental Education

Environmental Education

Learning at this private school in Vero Beach

Willow is committed to teaching, learning and living environmental stewardship. We do this first and foremost by taking the children on many outdoor field trips. These trips help to foster a love of nature and an appreciation for our unique Eco-system. And, as we all know, we are motivated to save what we love.

As part of our school program, Willow regularly organizes outdoor education field trips for the students. These trips can include day visits to various ecosystems in our local community as well as 2 and 3 day overnight camping trips around the state.

Our children participate in:

  • Day hikes
  • Kayak trips
  • Exploration of our beaches, rivers and woodlands
  • Three day camping trips

These trips allow students to explore their natural surroundings, learn about ecological concepts and foster an appreciation of the natural world. Some of the most pressing issues of this century will involve our care for the earth, as we learn to balance environmental protection and economic health with human needs.

Students in Nature Achieve Higher Test Scores

The American Institutes for Research® conducted a study, which was submitted to the California Department of Education, examining the impact of an outdoor education program. They found that there was:

  • A 27% increase in measured mastery of science concepts
  • Enhanced cooperation
  • An improvement in conflict resolution skills
  • Improvement in self-esteem
  • Increases in positive environmental behavior
  • An increase in problem-solving
  • Improved motivation to learn
  • Better classroom behavior.

To read more about this and other research about the benefits of outdoor education, click here:childrenandnature.org