Community Outreach Programs

at this Vero Beach private school

Community outreach is an integral part of The Willow School experience and is done in many ways. We go on field trips all around Florida, do regular community service, and we are committed to environmental education.

Children go on regular field trips as part of our private school program and as an enhancement to our classroom curriculum. Children visit both local and state organizations, businesses and agencies. They also attend cultural events such as plays and concerts. Additionally, we visit businesses around Indian River county but also explore places all over Florida and other states. vero beach

Along with regular field trips, we choose to emphasize community service as well. As a school we visit nursing homes locally where the children sing to the residents and make cards to give them for special holidays such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

We have volunteered to do beach clean-ups in our county and recently adopted a spoil island in the Indian River Lagoon! In the past we have raked leaves for elderly home owners, raised money for Pennies for Peace, donated a decorated Christmas tree to the Riverside Children’s Theater’s annual Festival of Trees and support other local organizations.

Lastly, as part of this private school’s mission, we are committed to environmental education. Each year our students attend two field trips- one in the fall and one in the spring- each about 3 days long where the children are out in nature. They kayak and explore our beautiful Florida environment and learn more about our unique eco-system.