Middle School Writing

with this Vero Beach Gifted School Curriculum

Writing is done across subject areas and is explored in depth in the older grades at Willow. Children are expected to write longer papers and incorporate writing into all of their projects- be they language arts, science, math or social studies. They also write daily in class, in journals and often share these writings orally.

Willow students learn grammar, spelling and vocabulary as part of our gifted school curriculum which incorporates the Common Core Standards as well as challenges children to reach their potential. It is common in this classroom to see many different groups working on words that range from appropriate grade level to high school levels. Many children actually learn SAT prep words for their weekly vocabulary tests.

Watch this video about writing projects!

At the end of each semester, students are required to write a 10-15 page paper. This is peer reviewed and edited before submission. The students work hard on these projects but are extremely proud of their accomplishments. It is not uncommon for students to be inspired to write even longer pieces. One student wrote a novel from her 8th grade spring writing project.

Our graduates also report loving to write and consistently score very well on their SATs. This is definitely a result of Willow’s challenging, curriculum geared towards gifted students.