Middle School

Willow’s Middle School Program

Grades 6-8

The middle school years can be the most difficult, challenging, and fascinating of one’s life.
Physical, intellectual, and emotional changes are rapid and intense at this age. Children often feel that they are no longer children, yet they do not feel ready for the responsibilities of adulthood either. So, while they’re eager for the greater freedom of teenage life, they’re apprehensive about the social conflicts and increased academic pressures that lie ahead.

Educational studies have singled out these years as a critical turning point for the development of self-confidence, emotional stability, and positive attitudes toward school and life.

Many of the problems of American high school students begin with problems not addressed in middle school.

Often adults remember these years as some of the most confusing of their life. To deal with these competing factors, studies recommend:

  • small, flexible schools
  • more individual attention
  • guidance from teachers
  • opportunities for self-reflection and self-expression.

The Willow School incorporates these principles. Our middle school program is specially suited for dealing with the needs, concerns, and interests of early adolescents.

Teachers often find a wide range of skills and maturity within one classroom with some students thinking and writing at a high school level, side by side with others who have yet to mature intellectually.

Our middle school program, combines 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students into one class of no more than 16 students. Each day they are taught a high interest curriculum. in vero beach

Willow combines close contact and support by a dedicated faculty who truly enjoy and appreciate students in this age group. Our staff work to promote:

  • independence
  • individual responsibility
  • wide range of choices.

We demand much from our students, but do so in relaxed surroundings in which students can feel at home. Our program does an excellent job of teaching the fundamentals of math and language arts, but it also has a creative curriculum designed to incorporate conflict/resolution skills and the development of self-awareness and self-expression.