Music Rocks at Willow

A Program at this Vero Beach Gifted Private School


Our music program is designed to introduce children to music as well as foster a love music and singing as a large emphasis of the program is on singing. Many schools have eliminated or reduced music programs because of budget cuts but we realize the importance of music and want to provide our students with every learning modality. 

Grades K-2

  • Have an introduction to music with an emphasis on singing and movement.
  • Children work on pitch, tone, melody, choral singing, and rounds
  • They explore percussion instruments and much more

Grades 3-4 – Glockenspiel (xylophone)

  • Introduction to rythums, tone and melody
  • Introduction to reading music

Grades 5-8 – Chorus or Guitar


  • Children learn how to sing
  • They practice many vocal exercises
  • Students learn a wide variety of songs
  • They are also learning song writing


  • Basic acoustic guitar
  • Reading music
  • Notes and cords
  • Live performance

As part of our service learning program, our students work toward public presentations for many local organizations throughout the year.  They also perform regularly for their parents.

In addition, all Willow students are learning how to read music and are able to identify and discern the various orchestral instruments.