Is there Drama at Willow!


Drama, like art, is incorporated into daily curriculum especially in the project component of class work. Lessons may include activities such as the dramatization of a scene or the depiction of a character from history or literature. Additionally, Willow students frequently perform skits or plays during the school year. These are presented to the public at large.

According to theater educators, drama addresses a child’s education by:

  1. providing physical/kinesthetic skills
  2. giving artistic opportunities for development
  3. improving thinking skills
  4. developing inter-personal skills
  5. fostering knowledge of self (intra-personal skills)

Drama is also taught formally as part of our afternoon enrichment program. This curriculum is ensemble based. This technique has been used throughout schools in the United States and abroad. During drama class, children practice a variety of improvisation activities, voice and projection exercises, and skits.

A UCLA study concluded that students involved in the arts tend to have higher academic performance and better standardized test scores — nearly 100 points better on the SAT, according to a separate study by The College Board.

 Drama also:

  • Improves public speaking skills
  • Increases confidence to speak in front of others
  • Improves self discipline
  • Teaches about working together as a team (or ensemble)
  • Helps to understand achieving consensus and reaching a goal

All great reasons to incorporate drama into our curriculum here at Willow, providing an alternative private education.