Willow Art

Just Like a Vero Beach Arts School

 Art is one of our most appreciated activities, and we’re very glad for this. For so many reasons – not the least of which is the simple fact that our students love it – we integrate art into class themes as much as possible.

Teaching the arts deepens the learning of curricular skills and content knowledge and provides additional avenues for invention, creativity and expression. That’s a whole lot of benefit! Who knows what creativity and talent are just waiting to be released and explored by your child. The Willow School is the perfect soil for the Arts to be inspired and grow in your child right here.

When visiting a classroom art is everywhere. It is common to see children’s stories illustrated with detailed drawings and elaborate covers or see figurines, pirate ships, shields or posters around the classrooms as aspects of recent units of study.

In addition to art being expressed everywhere, Art, as a subject, is also taught in the afternoons.  The focus of this class is on artistic elements and art history. Art students have the valuable opportunity to learn about specific artists and time periods.

During this time they create art using a variety of mediums from drawing and painting to clay and sculpture.

At the Willow School, afternoon art classes are devoted entirely to creative expression allowing children to dive into a medium and explore it inside and out, while their creativity is allowed – no, encouraged –  to flow. Some of the recent art projects the children have worked on include:

  • pen and ink renderings
  • pastels
  • watercolor
  • charcoals
  • simple clay structures

The light in the eyes of The Willow School students, as they express their creativity, curiosity and joy through the Arts, is something you will really enjoy seeing…we do!

Check out this video about our art program!