Willow’s Exciting Enrichment Program

Our program does an excellent job of teaching the fundamentals of math, science and language arts, but it also has a creative curriculum designed to foster the exploration of the arts, the development of self-awareness and self-expression as well as incorporating conflict/resolution skills.; unusual for a Florida private school.

The Core academics of Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and math are primarily taught in the mornings.

This allows us to devote our afternoons for enrichment which includes:

  • Visual art
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Spanish
  • Writer’s Workshop
  • Drop everything and read (D.E.A.R.)
  • Daily Physical Education

We at Willow recognize that school is not just about core academics but is about educating the whole child- the creative child, the emotional child, the social child, the physical child.

Because of high stakes testing, many schools have dropped classes such as art and daily PE from their schedules.  These are crucial elements to a well rounded education and provide children with stimulation and alternative ways to think, create and be.  By including all of these disciplines into our program, Willow fosters creativity and collaboration as well as critical thinking.  Important components of a quality education. and vital at this Florida private school