Social Studies

Social Studies Ignited

Project Based Learning at Willow

Social studies thematic units are designed as projects which typically take one to three months. These thematic projects are rotated on a three to four-year cycle.

What is Project Based Learning (PBL)?

Project-based Learning (PBL) is a model for classroom activity that shifts away from the classroom practices of short, isolated, teacher-centered lessons and instead emphasizes learning activities that are:

  • long-term
  • interdisciplinary
  • student-centered
  • integrated with real world issues

 Social study themes may include:

  • Learning about self and family
  • Our community
  • Florida History
  • Native Americans
  • Pirates
  • Dinosaurs

Project Based Learning provides opportunities for students to pursue personal interests and questions and make decisions about how they will find answers and solve problems.

Students are frequently responsible for designing projects they work on, as well as the criteria and assessment used to judge these.


In addition, current events and basic government/civics are studied each year.