Everyday Math the Willow Way

Small Class Size

Why does Willow use the Everyday Math Program?

The Everyday Math program was developed by the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project Center for Elementary Mathematics and Science.  Founded in 1983, the most recent addition was updated in 2007.   Today nearly 3 million children worldwide use this program.  Willow has been using this program since 2004 when the school began.

Why we think this program is so effective:

  1. Above Grade Level – Our students are a grade ahead of their public school contemporaries graduating in 8th grade having completed Algebra I which most Indian River County students take in 9th grade.
  2. Strong Math Foundation – Willow students have a strong mathematical foundation from the Everyday Math program.  Because the Everyday Math program was developed around brain research, it uses natural short and long term memory to help children learn math.  It also always connects mathematical concepts to one another so children easily grasp new ideas and can see how they directly relate to each other.  For example, fractions, decimals, percents and money are all different ways of expressing the same thing ie: ¼ = .25 = 25% = $ 0.25
  3. Math Made Easy – The Everyday Math program is designed for all children who are naturally math smart as well as children who have excellent language skills or logical ability.  Children then can understand not only pencil and paper math but conceptual math- the rationale behind the numbers.  This helps them apply their knowledge to new problems.
  4. Everyday Applications – Much of the work the children do is based on actual real life applications.  For example, children are asked to estimate and go ‘shopping.’  They put money into vending machines and have to provide change.  They answer story problems about sharing food or traveling in the car…
  5. Games, Games, Games – The Everyday Math program has designed many games that re-enforce learning and kids love them.  There is Multiplication Baseball, Beat the Calculator, Battleship Using the X/Y coordinates, and Landmark Shark.  Suddenly it no longer seems like ‘math’ when it is a game!
  6. Holistic Approach – The Everyday Math program teaches children as young as Kindergarten and 1st grade about geometry.  It introduces algebra in 2nd grade.  It does these in ways that are subtle, age appropriate and interesting but it makes children aware of these concepts so that later on they are familiar and the children easily understand them.

To learn more, visit their website at: About Everyday Math Program