Willow’s Elementary School Curriculum

The best education acknowledges the innate curiosity of children  and their desire to understand and master their environment.

The Willow School Elementary Program (K – 5) emphasizes the acquisition of these basic skills:

  • reading
  • writing
  • mathematics
  • social studies
  • the scientific method

In addition, we offer drama, art, music and PE.

The practice of appropriate social skills is also a critical component of success and is an important part of every learning experience.

As part of our elementary school program, work is completed in multi-age classrooms with an emphasis on individual challenge and achievement rather than on competition. Teachers create a highly academic environment that promotes confidence and a desire to learn.

Because children have different interests and learning styles and because they progress at different rates, an effective educational program must be tailored to the talents and needs of each child.

To fully achieve our educational goals our program teaches the following skills:

  • Communication skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening
  • Mathematics skills ranging from number sense to algebra and geometry, statistics and data analysis
  • Competencies in perceptual skills, physical coordination, body mastery, and healthful living
  • Higher order thinking skills and scientific exploration into life, physical and earth science
  • Exposure and exploration of visual arts, music, drama and foreign language study (Spanish)
  • Historical and geographic studies of the United States and the world – past, present and future
  • Attitudes and beliefs necessary to function in a technological and democratic society; recognizing the worth of each individual, of all racial and ethnic groups
  • A close working relationship between the home and school through excellent communication and parent involvement