An Exciting Academic Approach

The Willow School’s curriculum here in Vero Beach offers a student-centered program that focuses on strengths, aptitudes and children’s interests.

Brain research shows that true intelligence is multi-faceted and is best promoted by recognizing each student’s unique abilities.

The school curriculum is based on a set of age appropriate benchmarks and skills derived from the Common Core Standards. The Common Core Standards offer a framework- a set of skills- designed to prepare children for college and the workplace. These are based on and incorporate the highest, most effective models from the United States and other countries. The Standards provide teachers and parents with guidelines of what students are expected to learn and are consistent across the country.

The Common Core State Standards allow for uniformity by creating a document of skills
and expectations for K-12 education across the United States. The Standards were designed to ensure American children are receiving the best, most effective teaching and learning possible.

The Willow School combines these with a unique approach to learning that builds on students’ strengths and helps develop self-esteem and confidence. These are the necessary ingredients to maximizing learning potential. Our curriculum and approach produce student satisfaction and achievement instead of frustration and failure so commonly found in today’s system and today’s children.

The Willow School offers a superior educational program comprised of the fundamentals of reading, writing, math, social studies, civics and science. We combine curriculum with our Enrichment Program that includes:

  • Daily PE
  • Visual Art
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Spanish

Some of the curricular materials we use at our Vero Beach campus include:

  • Every Day Math
  • Wilson Language Materials
  • Wright Group and Write Source Language Arts Program
  • Discovery Works / Delta Science kits
  • Rosetta Stone Foreign Language Computer Program