Our Incredible Students

The best education in Vero Beach

Many families who are interested in our school ask: What makes a Willow School student? Although Willow students are incredibly diverse, there are some commonalities. Students at Willow tend to:
  • be curious about the world in which they live
  • have the desire to learn and share that knowledge with classmates, friends and family
  • be hard working and apply themselves in the classroom with their school work, projects and presentations
  • like to have fun and say that school and learning is fun all day
  • demonstrate respect, caring and kindness towards one another

Our students find school engaging and interesting. This is why they frequently say Willow offers the best education in Vero Beach.

Our students are diverse.

  • Some begin school with us transitioning from a preschool program or from their home environments
  • Other students transfer from local private, charter and public schools
  • Some of our students were previously homeschooled before deciding to try a more structured learning environment
  • Most of our students are from Vero Beach although some families travel from Sebastian and even from Ft. Pierce

When Vero Beach families make the choice to send their children to Willow, they know they are choosing the best education offered. Our students are typically so engaged in their studies that they show marked improvements in standardized test scores and other measurements throughout the year.

Willow students are active readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists, historians, artists, singers, and actors. They can often be found reading in their free time, working on a school project, helping a fellow student solve a problem or running around outside playing a game. They are always active and engaged and they take their learning seriously- both in and out of the classroom. Our students truly embody the best education in Vero Beach.